Secretariat Members
Lay Director:  Phil & Michele Wallace
Leadership:  Phil & Michele Wallace
Treasurer:  Lynn Orth
Secretary:  Brenda Accola
Spiritual Director:  Pastor John Wilcox
Pre-Cristo:  Pete Scianna
Post-Cristo:  Maerilu Wooley
Communications:  Carl Russell
Kitchen:  Dave Potter
Palanca:  Bob Uber
Outreach:  Vacant Position
Physical Arrangements:  Paul Berube, Eric Jones, & Mike McComb
Grouping:  Vacant Position
Music:  Vacant Position
National Rep:  Peggy McCoy
Prayer Chain:  Cheri Wiggins
Historian:  Matthew Wallace
Ex-Officio Advisor:  Peggy Clark
Ex-Officio Advisor:  Tim McCoy
Registered Agent:  Gary Jones

These individuals can be contacted using the Contact Page.  Be sure to indicate the intended recipient in the message you are sending.