Every day God calls us to serve.  One of those ways is to assist behind the scenes at a Cristo Weekend.  Please refer to our online planner to see if there are any items that God calls you for.  Many hands make light work - please consider giving of your time and/or talents and let us know, if possible, the ways in which you can serve.  Remember how awesome your weekend was and come to see the many ways God and the people that serve Him make each weekend as awesome as yours.

David Potter
A group meal will be created before each weekend using the online planner PerfectPotluck.com and you're invited to participate!
Please sign up to indicate your availability to provide supplemental food/snack items for the weekend and/or service in the kitchen.
Click Here
                           to sign up for:  WOMEN'S 2019 Spring Weekend (April 25th thru 28th)
Food categories:
Fruit (e.g. Oranges, Grapes, Melon, Berries, Bananas, etc)
Vegetables (e.g. Peppers, Celery, Radishes, Onions, etc)
Breakfast Muffins (needed by Friday Evening)
Hawaiian Rolls (Needed by Saturday Lunch)
Brownies (by the dozen)
Apple Pies (Needed by Saturday Dinner)
Sheet Cakes (Need to Serve about 100)
Sweets for Rollo Room (e.g. Cookies, Cupcakes, etc.   Needed on-site by Set-up/Send-off)
Sweets for Rollo Room (e.g. Candy, Mints, etc)
Healthy for Rollo Room (e.g. Nuts, Trail Mix, Cheese, Crackers, etc)
Salty for Rollo Room (e.g. Chips, Pretzels, etc)

Service categories:
Kitchen Help - (Chop Shop, Dishwasher)
Dinning Room - (Server)
     Friday - Breakfast   8:30am
                 - Lunch         1:00pm
                 - Dinner        6:50pm
Saturday - Breakfast    8:30am
                 - Lunch          1:00pm
                 - Dinner         6:50pm
   Sunday - Breakfast    8:00am
                 - Lunch        12:55pm

Please contact Dave Potter (Kitchen Coordinator) if you have any questions.  (321) 480-3725